Children's skin loves alkaline care

Babies and children with dry problem skin, such as in cases of neurodermatitis or eczema, often react very positively to alkaline care. But please be aware that you will need some patience when changing your son’s or daughter’s therapy-supporting care to the alkaline principle. 

"Apply cream as often as necessary!" - This motto is especially important in the early days of alkaline care of the child's skin. This means using cream whenever you feel that your child’s skin is too dry. In the first period of transition the skin really "demands" the skin care substances.

Children's skin: Cream is often applied too infrequently!

Kinderhaut liebt es basisch

The "starvation" of the skin decreases automatically as soon as its fat and moisture stores have been replenished. At the beginning of the changeover to the therapy-supporting alkaline body care cream can be applied very often indeed. There is no danger of "overcaring" for the skin or an "habituation effect".

Consistently applying cream helps tp stabilise babies' and children's skin effectively. If you spoil your child with an alkaline bath in addition to this alkaline care, you will usually notice even sooner that the intervals between applying the cream increase. The skin finds its natural balance thanks to the consistent care. The more the child's skin regenerates, the less cream is needed.

Alkaline baths for even better care

Alkaline baths are an important step on the way to a healthy and robust infant skin. The alkaline bath stimulates the self-oiling of the skin and promotes the natural balance of the skin's protective barrier. Children can take an alkaline bath basically as often as necessary. If the kids like to splash around, you should encourage a daily bathing within a healthy pH level. 

Even the very little ones benefit from alkaline baths. Babies feel extremely well in alkaline baths, the pH of which is similar to amniotic fluid (about pH8). However, lengthy bathing is not easy with children simply for practical reasons. But there are many other opportunities for alkaline care in infants: for example, alkaline washes and gentle swabbing of the skin with alkaline water. The value of this has been proven in cases of cradle cap, for instance, which completely detaches itself in this way without "picking".

Alkaline baths and washes support the diverse possibilities of alkaline skin care. Particularly children who suffer from eczema and allergies benefit from the therapy-supporting care of this gentle method.


Each (child's) skin has its special care needs. SIRIDERMA has the best answers to those needs. To put together the most suitable SIRIDERMA products, individual care counseling is recommended. If you are interested, this is provided by our Siriderma team of experts by telephone (+49 2173 90560). You could also visit one of our SIRIDERMA specialized pharmacies (Germany and Austria only).

  • Dermatologically tested skin compatibility

    Dermatological tests according to international guidelines by epicutaneous test and application tests have not given rise to any allergic or toxic and irritative intolerance reactions for the tested SIRIDERMA® products. Siriderma® alkaline care products are proven to preserve and protect the natural protective barrier of the skin. Simultaneously, the slightly alkaline pH of SIRIDERMA® acts to counter excess acidity of the skin.