Effective alkaline care for a beautiful skin

Well cared for, relaxed skin is part of general physical well-being. Depending on the general condition of the skin, the season of the year, lifestyle and many other factors, the skin needs various tailored active care components.

It is critical that the care of the skin gently supports its regeneration, soothes, nurtures and refines it.

SIRIDERMA® products for fine and long-lastingly beautiful skin are highly compatible and provide the appropriate care for any skin condition.

  • Dermatologically tested skin compatibility

    Dermatological tests carried out according to international guidelines by means of patch tests and clinical testing have produced no allergic or toxically irritative intolerances for those SIRIDERMA® products tested. Siriderma® alkaline specialist care is proven to maintain and support the natural protective barrier of the skin. At the same time the alkaline pH value of SIRIDERMA® products helps to prevent acidosis of the skin.