Gentle care for sensitive, demanding and allergy-prone skin.

  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin
  • Oily skin / skin with a tendency for acne
  • Extremely dry skin
  • Demanding skin
  • Skin that is prone to wrinkling
  • Irritated and allergy-prone skin
  • For adults, children and babies
  • Available without fragrance and with fragrance if requested.


High toleranced facial care for sensitive skin of all ages:

SIRIDERMA® pure stands for freshness, avoiding alcohol and other organic or synthetic preservatives. In addition, we select all the ingredients carefully and use only high quality ingredients in our alkaline skin care range.

The slightly alkaline formulations of our care products provide the skin with

  • essential fatty acids from selected, pure vegetable oils,
  • enriches your skin intensively with lots of moisture.

The balance between moisture and fat in all products is ideally suited to the needs of each skin type.

The vitality of your skin is noticeably increased. The result is that the skin is fine and appears radiantly fresh again!

At the same time, the slightly alkaline cream supports the acid – alkaline balance of your skin cosmetically. This is also beneficial for your skin's protective barrier.

Special features of our products

  • All SIRIDERMA® products are made exclusively on the basis of high quality vegetable oils and are derived mainly from plant-based raw materials and emulsifiers.
  • SIRIDERMA® products are free of alcohol and other organic synthetic preservatives, paraffin and lanolin. Even with skin that is very prone to allergies, alkaline SIRIDERMA® products are therefore particularly compatible with the skin.
  • By not using alcohol and other organic synthetic preservatives and the exclusive use of vegetable oils, SIRIDERMA® products only have a limited shelf life. Therefore we manufacture them at short intervals. This guarantees the special freshness of our products.
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Personal care consultation

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