Alkaline special care and body care for problem skin

Healthy, beautiful skin thanks to alkaline care

The causes of extremely problematic skin, such as in neurodermatitis, are varied. The doctor or therapist selects the appropriate therapy depending on the patient’s individual clinical picture. Caring for problem skin accompanying intensive therapy is an essential factor in actively and continuously supporting the health of the skin.


SIRIDERMA® med is the skin care line for problematic, irritated and extremely dry skin. Even sensitive skin that is prone to allergies can be carefully maintained with SIRIDERMA®, med, because our care products have slightly alkaline formulations. This means that their pH is above 7. SIRIDERMA® med is therefore highly suitable for intensive care accompanying therapy, even with problem skin, such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

The products of the SIRIDERMA® med series enrich the skin effectively with lipids from high-quality, pure plant oils and provide intensive moisture. This is scientifically proven.

At the same time, they support what’s called a skin detox - the skin needs to function well for this, though. With SIRIDERMA® med the skin gets the care it needs to make it well nourished, soothed and smooth. Due to the slightly alkaline pH of the products, excess acids on the skin are gently neutralised, the skin function is maintained and its protective barrier supported.


SIRIDERMA® care - our alkaline body care series is suitable for all skin types. We use only selected and particularly mild cleaning and care substances for this range. The products are therefore well tolerated even by allergy-prone skin.

Due to its slightly alkaline pH it provides a valuable cosmetic support for a good acid – alkaline balance of the skin.
With SIRIDERMA® care, excess acids irritating the skin are gently neutralized, supporting the skin's own protective barrier.


In order to determine the optimum care combination for your skin condition, we recommend a consultation with our advisory team (Tel. +49(0)2173-9056-0, Mon.-Thurs. 8:30 - 17:00, Fri 8:30 - 16:00). You could also visit one of our qualified pharmacies (Germany and Austria only).

  • Dermatologically tested skin compatibility

    Dermatological tests carried out according to international guidelines by means of patch tests and clinical testing have produced no allergic or toxically irritative intolerances for those SIRIDERMA® products tested. Siriderma® alkaline specialist care is proven to maintain and support the natural protective barrier of the skin. At the same time the alkaline pH value of SIRIDERMA® products helps to prevent acidosis of the skin.