Vegan cosmetics? Yes, of course!
Our skin care is certified!

Going vegan for many people also means caring for their body in the vegan way. So more and more people are opting for personal care products that are completely free of animal ingredients, because a vegan lifestyle is much more than a change in diet. However, implementation in everyday life is not always easy. Especially when it comes to the care of the skin, animal fats as ingredients are still on the agenda in conventional cosmetics. Animal oils such as tallow, lard and fat are found in soaps and shampoos, keratin from horns and hooves in hair care products. The list of animal components in non-vegan cosmetics is long, and often it is not so easy for the consumer to track these substances. The origin of raw materials may not be evident from the list of ingredients, such as glycerol, which may be of animal or vegetable origin.

Even natural cosmetics are not automatically free of animal derived ingredients. And in pharmacies where you could find high quality cosmetics and toiletries the number of vegan products is very limited. 

Vegan Cosmetics with quality seal

Siriderma products show that veganism and excellent care of the skin can go hand in hand. Our full range of facial and body care products consists of one hundred percent vegan cosmetics. And has done so for many years. To be able to offer vegan consumers the certainty of a prestigious seal of quality, our products have now been awarded the Vegan Flower. This designation means that all of our products and their production process are proven not to use animal ingredients.

The seal of quality was awarded to Siriderma by the prestigious Vegan Society of England. We have subjected our vegan cosmetics to the strict certification guidelines of the oldest and most respected vegan society. We are therefore in a position to present a supplier’s certificate for each of our raw materials and additives. Animal ingredients, no matter how small the amounts, are excluded.

We do not support animal testing abroad

According to the criteria of the Vegan Society, Siriderma products are therefore guaranteed free of animal ingredients. With the seal of quality we have, so to speak, made our vegan tradition official, and in future will consistently continue to develop our product range further in this sense.

Likewise, we do not use animal auxiliary materials in packaging, animal carriers in production, and of course, no animal experiments.
Vegan Cosmetics means even more for Siriderma: The EU Cosmetics Directive, which expressly excludes animal testing for all cosmetic products sold in the EU, does not apply in countries outside the borders of the Union.

There are certainly countries, such as China, which prescribe mandatory animal testing for the sale of cosmetic products. We have deliberately chosen not to export to countries that require animal testing for cosmetics. Buyers of our products therefore do not support such practices "by the back door"!

  • Dermatologically tested skin compatibilty

    Dermatological tests carried out according to international guidelines by means of patch tests and clinical testing have produced no allergic or toxically irritative intolerances for those SIRIDERMA® products tested. Siriderma® alkaline specialist care is proven to maintain and support the natural protective barrier of the skin. At the same time the alkaline pH value of SIRIDERMA® products helps to prevent acidosis of the skin.